Digital Athletes: The Road to Seat League

Comedy / Mockumentary / MA15+ / 95min

Carter Hudson is a small time promoter who seems to define failure in life and business. With his inheritance running low he has an idea to capitalise on the growing “E-Sport” gaming fad. He liquidates his assets to have one last shot at a winning investment to build his empire. Carter invites 5 competitors that he found online to compete in an Australian National Championship, entitled Seat League. A film crew interviews each of the Digital Athletes as they prepare for the competition. A former gaming prodigy and his brother on the quest for glory, a technical wizard destined to move out of his mothers house, an app inventor who’s desperate to start a family with his girlfriend, a tomboy state wrestling champion looking for love and a conspiracy hound with inside information about who really runs the world… The stakes are high for each “Digital Athlete” but when a championship and prize money is on the line, it brings out the essence of madness for these unique and peculiar individuals. One of them will be crowned Seat League Australian Champion and be deemed the ultimate, Digital Athlete.

Written and Directed by- Josh Hale
Produced by- Josh Hale, Stephen Simmons, Vito Leo
Staring –
Stuart Lumsden
Reece Madam
Kyle McCallion
Keyth Williams
Krystal Shuttleworth
Tiahni Wilton
Karyn Verco
Chantal Ward
Graham Williams
Jason Campbell-Smith

This hilarious mockumentary follows an ambitious event promoter as he tries to launch a new national championship based around video gaming. Inviting the five top gamers from around the country, the road to seat league is paved with bizarre characters and amusing detours. Produced entirely on the Gold Coast with a local cast and crew, Josh Hale’s debut feature film is inspired by the greats in the genre from Spinal Tap, to Best In Show and even The Office, but infused with an Aussie edge that is entirely unique. Digital Athletes is a genuinely uproarious shot of fresh energy in the local comedy scene.
– Gold Coast Film Festival

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